Use these links for beginning of year.

Acceptable Use Policy Video - must be shown within the first two weeks of school to every student
Coach's Page- links to commonly used resources for testing, RTI, monitoring, etc..
Cub's Pride- link for when we do a virtual assembly
GoNoodle free subscription (brain breaks, etc)- Visit: to sign up with card from MRS
MISD Compliance Training- be sure all have been completed by Sept. 5th?
New MISD Internet Filter- restart each morning to authenticate to new filter NEW FILTER.png
Smoothwall filter make block some previous sites that were ok. Email me those links.
Print to copiers instead of grade level printers if possible
Send all color printing request to chames. Do not print directly.
Need to write grants for Donor's Choose.
Discovery Education- will still have Board Builder availabe - Great resource!- Get handout for ways to use in classroom.
Will send out more info next week regarding library orientation. Planning on getting everyone in next week except for Kinder.
Sign up for computer lab with Webb_Lab calendar in Outlook. Be sure not to overlap with anyone already scheduled.

Individual Teacher Websites- being revamped. Will be much easier than old sites.
There are some short videos demonstrating basic editing of the pages at if you would like to get started. We will have a training on this after school gets going if you would like to wait.

Library Stuff
Bluebonnets 15-16
Bluebonnets 14-15
Book Bags
Bookmarks Author Search
Caldecott Program
Dewey Search

Google Classroom Info
Going to Google EDU More to come later.
First Look at Google Classroom

Social Media Info
Facebook- Search for Webb Cubs and like page. Please also include in your newsletters
Twitter- #webblc, #mckedtech, (Welcome to Twitter guide)

Getting Started with PBL

New Teacher info 14-15
Teacher Info 2012
Teacher Orientation 2013
Tech Team notes
Webb Shared folder
5 Ways to Cope with Devolson